Npower Test Result 2017 | Guideline and Procedure –

Npower Test Result 2017 | Guideline and Procedure –

Npower Test Result | In this article, I will be showing you in detail, step by step guideto check Npower Test Result 2017. I will help you understand everything by making my explanations very simple. Stay focus and see through.

N power second list of shortlisted candidates

Npower Test Result 2017

The 2017 Npower screening exercise was fixed in different batches and it started with the Npower Tax. After examinations, we all await our result. We are glad to inform you that you can now check your N-Power Assessment and Screening Test Result online by following the steps below;

How to Check N-power Result Online

IMPORTANT! If you remember during the online assessment and screening test, you were not able to select a device no matter how hard you tried. Although devices like phones, tablets, laptops were displayed. Well, this was because you have not passed the test, so if you have passed the test you will be able to have a brand new device (isn’t that amazing).

The result would be sent to your phone, you will receive a message directing you to select a device of your choice, this is an indication that you passed the screening test. Although some persons might not receive text messages due to network issues or other factors.

We, therefore, advice that you check using the below-listed method/steps.

  • Click here to visit N-power result checking portal
  • Login to your test portal
  • Input your phone number and BVN
  • Go to device selection
  • Choose the device of your choice
  • Submit

Note: if you passed,  it will save and will load to the next. You will have to wait for the next step

  • Application – Done
  • BVN Validation –  Done
  • Test – Done
  • Device Selection – Loading…
  • Pre-selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment

Npower Assessment Test Result Update

Some disclaimer has been mapped out by the Npower Management Team to educate members on the fraudulent attitude that some people may be involved in the name of a scam. Below are the details for disclaimer

  1. The processes for applying for and/or being selected for the N-power programme are open and transparent.
  2. The selection criteria will be published and made public. The criteria will seek to identify the applicants that will be best suited to the objectives of the programme at a fair. reasonable and consistent manner.
  3. Any claim by any individual and/or group suggesting any influence of a political, religious or similar nature will be a factor in the N-power programme is false and should be rejected.
  4. There is no truth in any claim that suggests there are set allocations or quota under the N-power programme for any political group or party.
  5. Exchange of money and/or services for placement in the N-power programme is prohibited. Any individual and / or group making any financial request or similar demands from any applicant do so fraudulently and must be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  6. Registration and selection for the N-power programme are absolutely free.
  7. It is your duty to be vigilant and beware of fraudsters who intend to take advantage of gullible or uninformed citizens.

The Federal Government has NOT and will NOT place an additional burden on citizens who wish to be employed.

We cherish your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about N-power 2017, kindly provide us with your phone number and email Address in the comment box below.

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